• Rigatoni pasta dish
  • Grilled eggplant rollatini
  • French Napoleon cake

I Tre Mori

About us

I Tre Mori is a restaurant built with the passion that brings to the Fishers community both Italian authenticity and a true taste of our Pizza and Pasta. Our customers will be served directly by our chef with 30+ years of experience in the culinary kitchen. After venturing into successful restaurants in Italy and Germany, and after the success we decided to open a restaurant in Fishers, despite our humble beginnings, we decided to respond to the community's request to bring back our unique authentic Italian Neapolitan Pizza.

To ensure the highest quality, we sourced our Wood Oven from Modena, Italy. We shipped our MAM Wood Oven in over a hundred pieces of natural stone and took two weeks to build it ourselves, piece by piece, stone by stone. Our wood oven heats up to 1000 degrees F, with its stone cooking the pizza evenly within 45 seconds, while the burning wood gives it a unique and authentic taste.

We have also introduced our unique selection of Pasta and Appetizers, Gelato, and homemade desserts to complement our menu to highlight simplicity and authenticity. Our gelato is homemade from scratch with high-quality ingredients, no preservatives or processed ingredients.

We are doing what we can to be environmentally conscious. While we have a long way to go, we have made some investments that are in the right direction. We invested in an environmentally friendly Smoke Zapper, which eliminates the oven's wood-burning smoke without harming the environment. We also made some investments to switch to biodegradable disposables where we can.

We strive to offer our community the best quality food, a family-friendly ambiance, and a place for the community to gather and relax. We are aware of the special circumstances and difficult times our community is currently facing with COVID-19, and our goal is to prioritize safety above anything for us and our guests. We will ensure social distancing and sanitation guidelines are properly followed. We want to bring positivity to our community despite these challenging times.